Sunday, January 17, 2016

So What's New?

Last year at around this time...I posted about how I was going to post more on my blog...well that never happened. There are good reasons for photography business has grown very nicely and I've simply been busy. I barely get the time to do a session, edit it, provide the gallery to the client, get photos retouched, post them to social media and move on to the next client. But I miss blogging and I think it serves an important purpose in the life of an artist. 

I don't like writing.....that's the problem with a blog for me. I don't like writing. I like to post my photos on my blog but i don't like writing about them or about me or about what I'm doing. I even thought maybe I would make the blog more informational. Like maybe I'll post photos from a session and then explain how I worked...what did I do...what camera settings did I did I retouch...but that doesn't always appeal to me either. So I think I'm going to play it by ear...I will post photos...sometimes I won't say anything about them....sometimes I will.....if I think there is something to learn from them, then maybe I'll explain it. We'll see but I will post!

Some things have changed in my business this year. I still work for Wagner College Theatre by doing all their publicity and shooting their shows. I also do some other work for them like doing their senior showcase photos, and shooting their Summer Intensive Student's headshots. 
I morphed into more of a headshot photographer this year and I really like that. I love doing headshots....I like seeing the person I am working with come up with different outfits, different looks, helping them relax into the session and I love seeing the results and hearing afterward that they are getting more calls from their headshots than they are before. I had been staying away from children and family photography for a while but recently had the opportunity to do some of those sessions and found that I missed it....a lot...and so there's that. I am also working for Sundog Theatre doing an after school program where we produce a newspaper for the school and I teach photojournalism to 4th and 5th graders while they fulfill photography assignments for the's very rewarding and fun! So I'm busy! 

Here are some photos from this year....just sort of a retrospective! Enjoy!



Moments In Time

Families and Kids



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